Safety and Hygiene


Safety Foremost

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and always Caring

During these times of uncertainty with the progression of the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak, we at Dandeli Tour Destination Resorts & Hotels assure you that your safety and comfort remain our highest and greatest priority during your safe travel to India.

Prevention measures during your safe travel include regular and thorough hand hygiene, social distancing, avoiding touching of eyes, nose, and mouth, and good respiratory hygiene. Especially in public areas, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces can help reduce the risk of infection.

Hospitality establishments are no more susceptible to contagion than other public institutions visited by people who interact among themselves and with employees. Nevertheless, they are places where guests stay temporarily in close cohabitation and with a higher degree of interaction especially among guests and hotel associates.

These particular aspects—the stay for guests along with the services this entails (food and beverages, spa, housekeeping, transportation, recreational activities etc.) - and the interactions of guest-guest, guest-staff, and staff-staff require specific and detailed attention.

Every staff member at the hotel will strictly comply with the basic protective measures against COVID-19 recommended by WHO, such as hand hygiene, physical distancing, avoidance of touching eyes, nose and mouth, the practice of respiratory hygiene and to heed the advice to stay home and seek medical attention if they have symptoms consistent with the disease.

The Management Team at Dandeli Tour Destination

We look forward to welcoming all guests to our Resorts and Homestay with the same warmth and hospitality as always during your Covid vacation. While the COVID-19 outbreak is precipitously changing and fluid, we assure you that we are committed to keeping you informed and to caring for you as a valued guest during your safe travel.

We have therefore built upon the already high standards of housekeeping and hygiene at our Resorts &Homestays, where hospital-grade cleaning products and upgraded protocols are currently in use. We hope to provide you with assurance and peace of mind when you stay with us and create a focus on cleanliness that will be visible and can be experienced throughout your entire stay – in the guest rooms, Dining area, and other guest and public spaces.

Each of our hotels has a Safety Team with a Team Leader to ensure that all measures are being implemented and recorded. Detailed workshops for all associates are conducted on a regular basis.

Our Modified Service Standards - What to expect!

Travel Desk
  • All local transportation you hire are sanitized and disinfected after every arrival.
  • Extra disinfection of the more frequently touched areas – light switches, door levers & handles, window levers, thermostats, seat belts, foot mats, seats and more.
  • Resort or Homestay Management team will wear protective gear such as mask, gloves etc.
  • Our staff has been instructed to limit conversations to a minimal.
  • Alcohol based sanitizers are available at the entrance of our help desk also in the resorts and homestays. We encourage you to use the same.
  • Temperature checks at entrance is mandatory.
  • Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6° F will be asked to return or will be directed to the closest hospital/medical facility.
  • All guests are advised to wash their hands with soap at facilities provided at the entrance. Sanitizers will also be available.
  • With permission, all Guest luggage will be cleaned and disinfected before check in.
Reception & Check in
  • If you are arriving from a restricted country or region, please ensure that you have all the mandatory and detailed information upfront and in hand before arrival or at the time of making the reservation. This is essential to avoid any delays in checking you in and for other mandatory checks by the local health authorities.
  • For all pre-booked Guests all pre check-in formalities should be completed online or via email to reduce contact and time at the front desk on arrival.
  • Only limited number of check ins will be permitted at the reception desk to prevent crowding. There could be a delay and we request your indulgence and patience. You will be seated comfortably at the lobby whilst you wait your turn.
  • Safety, hygiene and other instructions will be given by the Front Office Associate once again as per the new Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Ensure you maintain Social Distancing at the reception while checking in.
  • All front office associates will be wearing a face shield with masks & gloves.
  • Sanitizers are available at the front office for your use.
  • All Bills, coupons and all equipment are sanitized.
Guest Rooms
  • As an extra measure of assurance a ‘room seal’ is placed on doors to indicate to guests that their room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned.
  • Depending upon the occupancy; your room would have been last occupied at-least 24 hours earlier.
  • We assure extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guest room areas – Light & lamp switches, Door handles, Wardrobe and drawer knobs, Drapery pull handles, TV remotes, Telephone handsets and dial pads, Thermostats, Bed and bedding, Bath amenities, Hard surfaces, Iron, Safe handle and keypad, Tea/Coffee Kettle, Mini Bar and more.
  • Due to Social Distancing norms we will allocate alternate rooms or leave two rooms vacant in between occupied rooms, based on occupancy levels.
  • To avoid clutter; all paper amenities such as stationery, pen, newspaper, guest directory, menu cards will be available at the reception only.
  • Housekeeping Associates will be wearing safety gear at all times.
  • Sanitizers will be available on each floor and in the rooms.
  • Laundry and room service instructions are available in the room.
  • Room linen will be changed once in two days or ONLY on request; there will not be evening turndown services to facilitate minimal contact.
  • Bathroom amenities other than soap and shampoo will be provided on request only.
Employee Clinic
  • Regular health check-ups for all employees are conducted once a month.
  • The Safety Team is trained to handle and wear disposable PPE equipment in case they have to evacuate a potential suspected case.
  • All employee temperatures are checked twice a day.