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Adventure Activities in Dandeli



Dandeli Kali River Rafting is the most loved and highly recommend adventure in Karnataka. The 9 Km route has 7-9 rapids between 1-3 grades. The rapids depend on the release of the water from the dam. The best time to raft is between October to February.

Safety & Equipments

While it appears to be risky, the correct directions and safety equipment will be provided together with expert guides and full security measures will be taken in advance.

  • °Raft Pedals
  • °Safety Jackets
  • °Helmets
  • °Trained Instructor


To most people, kayaking is a life changing experience or at the very least an adrenaline-charged adventure. Experiencing Kayaking in Dandeli is never ending fun sport.

Kayaking is counted amongst the sports that require a lot of endurance, quick reflexes and guarantee an immense amount of fun. At this amazing location in Ganeshgudi, you can take the chance of exploring the world of water adventure sport like Kayaking, and feel like the king of the region.

Row your way through the water and avail this amazing activity. You will be getting the facility of a Kayak to ride on, oars to row with, and the affirmation that you are about to have the best time of your life on this little adventure.



Ziplining is an outdoor recreation sport/adventure sport where a freely moving pulley is used to ride from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable. Emerging as one of the most popular outdoor activities, zipline tours are here to stay!

Zip lining is a new type of recreational sports activity in which the customers may experience the excitement of zooming through the sky in the clean air of the forest with their family, friends, and other loved ones. As the customers proceed, they are required to solve quiz or perform missions given by the ZGs, which will help them open their minds to other members of their groups and strengthen their bonds.


River Crossing

River crossing in Dandeli is truly an epitome of thrill. The mighty waters come at you with mind boggling power.. Being able to stand your ground in the midst of those waves is not a small feat.

But with Team State Adventures expertise to guide you, taming these powerful waters will seem easy and doable! Our river experiences are truly one of a kind. It truly is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Dandeli Jungle Safari is one of the most recommend and largest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. The sanctuary is a safe shelter for barking, spotted and Black panther, tiger, elephant, bison, and along with many species of colorful birds. What catches the eyes of the visitor here is the adventure opportunity that includes wildlife safaris in jeeps, nature walks, bird watching, crocodile sighting trips, fishing, coracle boat rides and trekking.

The best time to visit Dandeli National Park would be between March and October.
Bookings Slot timing
Slot 1 : 5:30 AM
Slot 2 : 3:30 PM

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park

Dandeli Crocodile Park is a natural wild crocodile park where you can notice many crocodiles in the Kali River. It has no boundary so you may notice crocodiles everywhere in the park.

The park is totally peaceful, created amidst forest where you can watch live moving crocodiles and also feed them.


Sightseeing in Dandeli

Dandeli is the best tourist attraction place, it is a wonderful getaway to get lost in the midst of breathtaking wilderness, panoramic landscapes and spellbinding scenic beauty.

Here are few recommended places to visit in Dandeli:

  • °Syntheri Rock
  • °Anshi National Park
  • °Supa Dam
  • °Kulgi Nature Camp
  • °Sykes Point
  • °Sathodi Falls
  • °Vajra Falls (open only in monsoon)
  • °Moulangi Eco Park
Camping Experience

Camping Experience

When it comes to camping, Dandeli Camping experience has to be on the list! This amazing Dandeli River side camp is not only close to nature but also has a more spiritual connection.

The tents here are styled in a hermit fashion and are designed to give you total aloof time.

This camp is your go-to place if you are looking for a chance to introspect your inner self. Camping in Dandeli is one of the best in Karnataka!

Camp Bornfire in Dandeli

Camp Bornfire in Dandeli

Bonfires or these campfires are part of daily routine in the camps and is awaited by the guests. Staying alone in the camps could have sounded dull but if one camp in groups, then the excitement gets doubled.

These bonfires bring a source of happiness amongst camps and people just forget about their day to day stresses and worries for short time.

Travelers share their never forgotten happy moments of their life amongst each other around the bonfires.

Fishing in Dandeli

Fishing in Dandeli

Have you ever wondered how fishing in Dandeli Kali River would be? Dandeli Kali River is the best when it comes to fishing in the state. The place is full of natural forests that present you with a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The Dandeli fishing tour starts around 10 am in the morning, which is also the perfect timing for fishing. To make the trip more fun, you can take your own things; cooking items, etc.

cook on the spot and enjoy your meal(If Needed). You will be charged for your activities, booking of a boat, and borrowing the fishing equipment.